Safety Tips for a South African Holiday

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When the holiday time approaches, many families start planning road trips and travelling around the country. It’s important for motorist to make sure that their vehicles are up to standard and ready for the long trip ahead. It is also important to take care during the holiday season as crime arises. Here are some safety tips before hitting the road.

  1. Take some precautions to prevent hijackings and smash and grabs by installing some secure window tinting to prevent smash and grabs.
  2. Check the smoothness of your tires and schedule a tire change if need be.
  3. Do a routine car service to make certain your car runs smoothly.
  4. Plan your routes ahead and avoid dangerous areas. Have a map ready or enter destinations in your GPS.
  5. Avoid dark places when parking at night. Choose well-lit parking areas.
  6. Be alert to road signs for obstructions and wild animals in rural areas.
  7. Keep emergency numbers at hand, such as your road service numbers (AA or other).
  8. Keep some cash in your wallet, but not large amounts of money. You will never know when you might need it as not all areas have ATM’s or card services.
  9. Keep your doors locked and windows up.
  10. Never give hitchhikers a lift.
  11. And call 10111 for emergency services.
  12. Make sure your car is secured by installing an alarm and a gearlock system.
  13. Central locking ensures more security.
  14. Keep cool by having your aircon regassed and keep your windows closed.

Enjoy a relaxed journey!

Follow these tips and don’t be caught off guard especially since we tend to be relaxed and care free over the holidays.