Things to consider before hitting the long road



When experiencing the open road there’s no better feeling than freedom of taking a break. To avoid any hassles during this time of bliss avoid car troubles that can put a stop to all the fun make sure that your vehicle is up to speed. Although problems cannot be avoided, some maintenance precautions can be taken to reduce you’re your risks of having car trouble on the open road. You can budget for buying some new parts before you plan your trip to ensure safe travels.

  1. Do some maintenance on your tires to avoid problems. Punctures are unavoidable, but take the steps to ensure that your tires are 100%. Have a good tire inspection, and look for signs of wear and tear, make sure they are properly inflated and perhaps do some alignment.
  2. Check your aircon.
  3. Ensure your alarm and central locking is in good working order.
  4. Check that your brakes are inspected also, to determine the lifespan of your brake pads or needs to be cleaned of oiled.
  5. Make sure that your suspension system is good and look for worn or damaged parts.
  6. Look at your vehicles cooling system and make sure that there’s no leak, that there’s no corrosion and that the radiator and water pump is working well. Replace worn parts if needed.
  7. Get a transmission service.
  8. Inspect your belts to see if they need to be replaced.
  9. Check for leaks in the exhaust pipe.
  10. Do the routine oil check and oil change, engine air filter, fuel system cleaning, and a routine tune up.
  11. Make sure that your air conditioning and heater system is working.
  12. Replace your steering to power steering if you don’t have this installed. Ask your mechanic to do some timing belt replacement.
  13. You can replace your windshield wipers if they aren’t working well.
  14. Check your headlamps; indicator and brake lights replace lights if needed.

The above is part of a maintenance plan for your vehicle. Use these tips to ensure that you don’t spend more money on expensive breakdowns or inconvenience during travelling.